Wednesday, July 25, 2007

There I Go On a Holiday!

Tomorrow, We will be flying to India, to my city Bangalore!! Hmmm, I m loving this!!

Visiting Bangalore after 2 years! Yet another exciting thing is that I will be taking my daughter for the first time to my hometown. My In-laws, My father, My Grandparents and lots of them looking forward to see our little Angel!

I am thrilled about this trip. We are all set to fly, packing done! But last minute shopping list is growing! May be at Duty Free Area.Reaching there by our own "Indian". Friday morning @ Bangalore!

Heard that it is raining there ! Wow!! What a difference it is going to be.
Here we are burning with 45 degrees + !! Hmmm...I can smell that wet mud already!!!

Everyone there, looking forward to see you all!!

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