Thursday, October 30, 2014

Life's mysteries unfolding..

Greetings from Sunny Sharjah...

This was in my draft box for quite sometime and is a delayed post..

It’s an honour to share my story.I want to share a “life-changing” and “thought-provoking” experience I encountered, that will surely stay with me for the rest of my life. 

I have written earlier about my grandpa here: he turned 90 and was bed ridden for past 3 months. As it is nothing less than a ritual now to go visit him every summer between July and August as my kids have summer break here in sunny side of UAE. My mother kept telling me that he remembers me quite a bit and has been waiting to see me this July. The day i landed in India, we went to see him the very next day. My grandparents lived about 3 hours drive away from my home city. My mother and grand ma told me that he has not been talking for 3 weeks now. As i could see him, he was overjoyed to see me and my kids and instantly started speaking with me. And asked my son to sing a song for him. My son who is normally little shy, without any hesitation sang lingashtakam for him.  As he heard him singing my grandpa told me that it is now time for him to visit is "hosa mane" which means "new home. and he will not be here in this home when i visit him next July. Also, in his impeccable English he always had, said that, "I was his definition of happiness" and told me that I had been the best part of his happy memories in his life time. As I sat on his bed massaging his forehead he remembered and spoke of my child hood with him.

Later that evening,when i left from there, he greeted with a smile and kiss to all of us as if he was the one who is leaving.. An hour later I said goodbye to my grand parents, my aunt and my mom and left from there with tearful eyes. 

As I left him there, I remembered all that he spoke with me..

Life is not always fair, not tied with a bow, but it’s still good and it’s a gift.  

When in doubt, just take the next small step.  
Make peace with your past so it won’t affect your present.  (We need to forgive and forget and put things behind us as it belongs to the past)
Believe in miracles. 
However good or bad a situation, remember it will change.
Don’t audit life, show up and make the most of it.
As you go through life, don’t just take pictures, capture moments.
Get outside daily, miracles are waiting everywhere;

and finally, he said something that will stay with me forever; 
Life is too short for long pity parties....get busy living or get busy dying.
To be happy you don't need money.
Love Unconditionally forever.  

As I reached home in less than 24 hours I got a call that my grandpa had breathed his last and he did it with ease and he moved to his "hosa mane" - a new home.With a heavy heart and lots of love i prayed for his soul to guide me till eternity and shower the spiritual blessings that he always lived with..

Today, as i post this random thought..I still feel his presence around me and thank God for giving him in my life who played the role of my dearest father, friend and guide all through my life..and i still remember all my pranks and troubles i gave him... :) Love you thatha...(Grandpa..)

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