Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our very own "Park Adda" @ Ittihad Park, Sharjah

It was an awesome evening in the beginning of Feb'12 in Sharjah. The beautiful weather  prompted me to go for a walk with my kids and we happened to go to the Ittihad Park, which is very close to our home and the rest is what the story is about..

Mridu, my daughter as usual did not take long to run to a group of small girls playing in close proximity. Less than 10 minutes, she came to me and said "Amma, I have many friends meet them". She took me to a group of kids and introduced them to me. And I happened to meet with their mothers. We all greeted each other and I decided to take my kids to the park regularly from that day.
Our Gang minus Mishi and her mommy!

And that's our Little Mishi with darling mummy !
It has been 6 months since then. Now, we have a big gang. I wish to give a sneak peak of  our Adda here. First one to know was Swati. She is a very kind and helping natured person and she has interest in various forms of art and so good in baking. She has a cool little 2 year old boy, he call himself  "Aaana" and I love to call him like that too. And then, it was Seema, an ever cheerful person. She has two little kids who keeps her busy full time."Tuc Tuc" and "Divya" they are simply amazing kids."Divya" keeps his mom always on her toes. And then there is a chupa-rustom, who is so knowledgeable yet so humble "Rashmi",she has a great interest in Cooking and she loves to churn out new recipes every day. She has a little kiddo "Nivi" who reminds me of Dora-The Explorer. I believe, her play group care-taker too calls her "Dora". And then, Swati introduced me to our dear Anshu.who is a great caring Mom of her little (yet another) "Nivi" ,and she calls me "bua"..Oh! how nice is that :). And then it was turn to know "Uma" with her little baby "Mishi", Oh! You must see her Smile. I love it and she loves to dance to the tunes of Shakira. Uma, with her mesmerizing personality is so very humble. She has a Doctorate and yet she says she is shy to call herself Dr.Uma. She loves to cook and treat her hubby with loads of variety of food (healthy food!!!), how lucky Man he is :). And, by chance I happened to meet "Sindhu" whose smile is so very contagious and she makes friends in a jiffy and her little son "Cheeku", must say he is very smart and often tells his Mom to breathe deeply when she gets excited :). And finally it is our very own "Priyanka ji", I love to see her laugh, her laugh is so unique, loud  and from the Heart :); very rare to see such a laugh these days! She is a great devotee of Lord Krishna and she is our spiritual guide. Me and kids go to her home every friday for Satsanga and to learn "Bhagavadgeetha". I feel myself blessed to know her and her family. Her kids, "Mukund and Avani", I am amazed to see them recite shlokas, sing bhajans,  and quote stories from the Mythology. And, not to  leave out our dear "Maitrik" who comes with his Daadi to park everyday. He religiously calls us everyday to know the timings of our park visit and he joins a great gang of boys in the Park and he is a great company for my son "Abhi".

We all meet here every day, to chit chat, de-stress, some pranyams now and then, exchange recipes and tips for day to day life and mainly help each other and just  to be there for each other as support system. We woman by nature have the  need to talk and share. This is what we do, we offload our stress and go home fresh, we pass the same freshness at home too! What say gals ???

There are three groups, tiny toddlers, 6 year old group and the big boys group and ofcourse mommies with  Mishi :). Ofcourse, we all come from different backgrounds and places like MP, Karnataka, Gujarat, Kerala, Bihar, Nepal to mention a few. And, I am so proud to have this group as my friends. Thanks to each one of them for being there! This is a post to dedicated to our "Park Adda".

If you are a lady from Sharjah, with or without kids looking for some great friends, Now you know where to come!  "Park Adda" is waiting for you :)