Monday, June 25, 2012

Handmade Craft Punch Greeting Cards!

I love Craft Punches !!
Bought this from the Japanese store Daiso in Dubai! Also available in all Craft shops..

Although it is Facebook and E-greeting Era, I still prefer to send handmade cards to my dearest friends ! They deserve the best from me :)

I prefer to make it in bulk so that the Idea boozes out of me and ofcourse, it is indeed very interesting project to do along with my kids to keep them busy in holidays!

So, here are some more designs!

(click on pics for enlarged view)

Better view ?? All these Cards are done from Card stock and art papers.
Just fold according to the size that you wish, punch with Craft punch, add accessories of your choice! Use stamps for writing or the stickers or just hand write the message!

Looks lovely Isn't it ??

If you like them let me know ! :) Love to hear from you !
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