Sunday, October 10, 2010

My First try on Warli Painting!

Warli art is an ancient Indian folk art tradition of painting of a Maharashtrian tribe called Warli.. Historians believe that the Warli tradition can be traced back to as far as the Neolithic period between 2,500 BC and 3,000 BC
The trademark of Warli paintings is the use of geometric designs such as triangles, circles, squares, dots and crooked lines are used to depict human figures, animal figures, houses, crops etc.
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  1. Beautiful, Lookforward for more. Keep up the nice work.

  2. Anitha murali madam

    A great attempt to create warli paintings pattern by many person like you. Madam good work.

    Madam did you have any spare copies of your warli paintings etc. for my collection and for sharing in my Heritage of India blog.

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