Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Twenty Eatouts that I must visit in Bangalore in my forthcoming holidays!

  1. Evening Vist to Sreeraj Lassi Bar, Jaynagar
  2. Dinner @ Banjara Restaurant, Seshadripuram
  3. Halli Mane, Malleshwaram
  4. Sukh Sagar
  5. V.V.Puram Road (Road side Masala Pepsi, Dose, Chats)
  6. V.V Bakery – Butter Biscuits, Sandwich, Dil Pasand
  7. Wariyar Bakery;s Macros
  8. Mahalakshmi layout Chat Shop
  9. Cottage Garden Pizza @ Pizza Hut @ Cunningham Rd
  10. Elvis Presley Ice Cream @ Richie Rich
  11. Masala dose @ Vidhyarthi bhavan
  12. Masala dose @ Janatha Hotel
  13. Breakfast @ Adigas
  14. Rice Bowl @ Lavelle Road for Chineeese!
  15. Ragoo's @ Kanakpura Road for Italian
  16. Kadambam to have Sakkarepongal
  17. MTR for delicious Lunch
  18. Ramana's @ Cunningham Road
  19. Konarak for Dum Aloo Sabji.
  20. Kamat Yatri Nivas for Jolada rotti Oota

Additionally will surely be trying out lots of new restaurants for their ambience & food!

Most of the restaurant's listed above carries lots of memories from the past. I feel Nostalgic as I write these names. Memories in these places are still fresh & lingering around as I write this post!


  1. Hi Anita,

    I had a lousy MTR lunch experience as detailed in the post below. I later learnt that many Bangaloreans do feel that MTR has been goofing up of late.

    >>> After the terrific street foods I tasted yesterday, I went to MTR, with sky high expectations. If the street foods of Bangalore could taste so good, how divine would be the food served by a landmark !

    Went through the ritual of waiting in line for the lunch coupons , queuing up for getting it entered, waiting till your number comes up, all the while dreaming about the food that will make all this worthwhile..

    I was finally seated and after another long wait, the first item arrived - half a glass of grape juice, with a generous dash of crushed grape seeds.

    Next came Kosambari ( soaked mung dal mixed with grated carrots). Though a simple dish, the mandatory lemon juice, which gives it a tang, was missing. Also missing were the cucumbers,which are traditionally a part of this classic Udupi curry. Put it down to regional variations - but the tempering ( mustard and Urad dal) was burnt, which left a bitter taste. Now, that is plain shoddy !

    The next item was a large dollop of green coconut chutney ( coconuts blended with coriander, green chilies and roasted chana dal). Way too much chana dal had been used, masking the taste of coconut and turning the chutney into a batter - not sure if you prefer it this way here. The chutneys I had at VV puram were much better.

    I judged the next item even before tasting it. A ladle of cabbage and carrot kootu separated into solid and liquid portions as soon as it hit the plate. Overcooking causes kootu to lose its creaminess and split - as any of you who have cooked with coconut milk would know. Sure enough the vegetables were mushy and tasteless.

    Dal Payasam was served right next to kootu ( kootu had overflown into the next depression and so you end up tasting a mix of payasam and kootu). The payasam was neither rich or creamy and left a diluted taste.

    An unremarkable Dosa (with edges thicker than the center) and a hard vada came next.

    Small over fried papads were served next. They looked reddish instead of being a cheerful yellow and had a whiff of a burnt smell.

    The first serving of bisibele bath lacked the tang of tamarind. The second serving was much better - wonder what happened- do they cook in batches?

    The onion raita which accompanied the bisi bele bath was under salted and tasted as if made from milk and not from yogurt. The sour tang of a well-set yogurt was totally missing ( Same was the case with the lumpy curd rice served last, but let me come to that later)

    White rice served next was a clumpy mass - I just could'nt understand it. It is so easy to get perfectly cooked rice !

    The tomato rasam was lovely - everything perfect about it.

    The mixed vegetable pickle (with bitter gourd, lemon, carrots, green chilies) was probably the worst I've tasted. It had been made hours before and just tasted of salt and chilies. Awful! Pickles need weeks to mature - drowning stuff in salt and chili powder does not make a pickle !

    The curd rice was both clumpy (thanks to rice) and flat ( thanks to the yogurt). Curd rice is traditionally made from leftover, semi fermented rice. Even if this is not possible, it is inexcusable making it from hot rice - the hot rice cooks the yogurt and makes it lose all freshness.

    I just couldn't believe this venerable institution just served me a crappy meal! Irrespective of what the Bangalore food guide raves, I'd say, sorry people, The emperor has no clothes !


  2. Ramki,

    Unfortunately out of these 20 eatouts I listed, I could make it to only one due to various turn of events that unfolded during in my vacation! That one eatout turned out to be MTR that too with the full family of 14! It was a disaster!! Could not enjoy at all after waiting for more than an hour @ the restuarant! It's disheartening to see the quality of this place deteriorating day by day! It used to be one of a kind in the good old days!