Thursday, June 21, 2007

60 and many more!!

The day was June 11 2007; I picked up the phone to wish my Parents (read Grand Parents). Occasion

was their 60th Wedding Anniversary.

Can you imagine 60 years of togetherness!! I felt wow!!

Ajji (Granma) and Thatha(Grandpa) were delighted to be wished by grand children and great grand son.

Thatha (87) and Ajji (74) were excited and had so much so to share but did not know what to say in such a short time.Ajji said, we had not yet married at this time 60 years ago!!! It was 8:00 AM when i had called them, I just realized they were waiting for 1:30 PM their Mahurtham time (auspicious time when they tied the knots).

Thatha says, they have relished every moment of their togetherness in all the situations, I have personally witnessed their ups and downs for 20+ years!! And have seen how they remained rock steady as support to each other!

Thatha told me the other day that now they eat every meal in the same plate, and the first bit of food is for Ajji, And want to be with each other every moment as no one knows what's in store for the next day! You know what they mean don't you?? My eyes were moist when I heard him say that!

Here, I would love to share a two line story on how they got married! Ajji used to visit Thatha's shop to buy milk everyday. One day, Thatha had gone to visit a relative's house to see a prospective bride and he noticed this little fair girl (14) next to the prospective bride and chose to marry my Ajji!! Elders agreed and that's how it all happened.

Unlike our usual, Brahmin family customs, no horoscopes were matched or is matched till now!

Although I hang up the phone that day, their cheerful tone, their thoughts are lingering around me till now!
I found a new meaning from them for this institution of marriage!
A Temple of Togetherness!
Thatha and Ajji call it 60 years of Celebration!!!!

Only both of them stay in a small house, happily, enjoying their every moment! It is a joy to spend time with them. Looking forward for my visit to India, to meet them.

Wishing more and more years of comradeship!

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  1. i too love ur grand parents... even i ahve such a beautiful couple at my home..i know wht they mean :)